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Financial crisis is one of the most difficult and stressful times to deal with. Whether you need urgent cash to pay the medical bills or to pay the tuition fees, the first thing we do is to look at the banks and financial institutions for borrowing money. However, in recent times, it has become very difficult to get approvals from the banks especially-

  • If you have a poor credit history due to various reasons
  • You do not have a regular income and strong employment history
  • Your liabilities are higher than the assets
  • You already have a debt on you


Well, there is still no need to worry as there is a pertinent solution to this problem which is to avail the services of a licensed moneylender Singapore. These moneylenders in Singapore provide instant personal loans and payday loans with flexible repayment schedules. These instant personal loans Singapore are completely legitimate, licensed and authorized as well.

Below are some of the other advantages of the licensed moneylenders in Singapore-

  • No collateral or Credit history required: This is the biggest advantage of the licensed moneylender as they do not require any collateral or the credit history to disburse loans. They only check your current ability to repay the loan amount to give you the money.
  • Flexible in nature: A licensed moneylender Singapore is much more flexibility in loan terms and conditions as compared to the banks.
  • Customized solutions: Another big advantage of borrowing money from the moneylenders in Singapore is that they provide various customized solutions to suit the specific needs such as instant personal loan, foreigner or payday loan, or a business purpose loan.
  • Easy and fast transaction: The moneylenders in Singapore are well-known for the fast and easy processing of the loan. A licensed moneylender Singapore can loan you the amount of money requested in as fast as within a day post the submission of the relevant documents. There are even options of same-day loan approval with on-the-spot cash facility.
  • Minimal Documentation for the loan processing: One of the main advantages of the moneylenders Singapore is the minimal documentation required for loan processing.
  • No Restriction of the income: A licensed moneylender in Singapore will make the cash available to the borrowers without high-income level criteria for granting the loan as against the banks and other financial institutions.


A trusted and reliable moneylender Singapore such as QV credit understand and knows the urgency of the money in financially strained times and hence makes the process of application and approval of the loan as effortless as possible.