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Taking a loan is one of the most complicated tasks in Singapore. From visiting multiple banks, submitting different documentations and completing formalities, there are a lot of difficulties associated with taking loans in Singapore. Even if you are lucky enough to have a loan sanctioned, the high interest rates keep haunting you day and night. If you are looking out for borrowing money in Singapore and looking for an easy and hassle-free procedure to do so, you should approach QV Credit.

Approved by the Registry of Moneylenders (IPIO) to sanction loans, QV Credit is a moneylender Singapore which specializes in the below given types of loans as well as other needs and requirements of our clients. The reason why it is one of the most preferred firms by loan takers is that the interest rates charged by us are really low. Read below to know more:


Personal Loan:

Personal loan is one of the most common type of loan taken by people in Singapore. Be it for medical expenses, buying a car, paying taxes, buying a house or just for some additional expenses like going for a vacation or getting married, there can be many personal needs for which a person needs money. Instead of borrowing it from your family and friends, you can take money from QV Credit, a firm which grants easy loans to people at minimum interest rate.


Payday Loan:

There are times when have to incur extra expenses, but your payday hasn’t arrived yet. In this case when you are running low on money before getting your paycheck you probably need Payday Loan, you can approach QV Credit for borrowing money. As being one of the most reputed moneylender Singapore, it provides you with tailored loans so that you can easily cope up with your cash crunch. So, get money with minimum paperwork and formalities, without waiting for your salary to arrive to your bank account.


Business Loan:

While running small or big businesses, there can be crucial times when extra money is required in a business. Be it bad times or business losses, requirement of additional finances for business expansion or any other reason, QV Credit is there to grant you all types of business loans. This firm offers loans for MNCs as well as SMEs and you can take these loans and clear your overhead expenses, even if your profits and payments do not come in on time.