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Want hassle free Instant Cash? Bank Upon Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore! Moneylenders Singapore are aware that people would love to take instant cash loans but are hesitant because of the fears of defrauding commonly associated with these types of loans.  These moneylenders are IPTO certified which goes to show that they licensed and legally recognized as trustworthy instance cash loan Singapore, service providers.

Moneylenders in Singapore are registered to provide their services to residents, PR, and foreigners who have valid employment passes.


Why choose Moneylenders in Singapore and not authorized Banks?

Moneylenders in Singapore have been catering to all issues customers face regarding financial crisis. They have done an extensive research to find out which attributes of instant cash loans do people applaud so that suitable financing solutions can be offered.

Applying for a loan in any of the banks in Singapore involves a long application and approval process. Some loans take up to a couple of weeks before it is approved. If you require fast cash, then you should consider going to the licensed Moneylenders instead. They have a simple application process to ensure that you get the money you need in the shortest time possible.


Seeking services from Moneylenders Singapore has the following benefits:

  • Professional and Trustworthy
  • Fast and convenient instant cash services
  • No harassment
  • Quick processing
  • Transparent and flexible procedures
  • Well informed and highly-trained customer service personnel
  • IPTO certified
  • Smooth Transaction
  • Services are open to Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and Foreigners who have valid employment pass

Rush and apply for Instant Cash Now!


Three easy steps and cash in your hand:

  1. Fill an application form online
  2. Verification of your eligibility
  3. The moneylender company will contact you


You will experience –

  1. Easy access: An online application with the attached documents is enough to get you an approval.
  2. Flexible interest rates: Every application is examined separately to provide the most flexible repayment schedule.
  3. Quick disbursement: Once the approval email is sent, your cash will be in the bank in minutes.
  4. Excellent customer support: We have a team of financial experts waiting for your call and they will help you professionally.


Licensed moneylenders use ethical methods to provide borrowers with the funds they need to meet their expenses. They will not harass you for payments nor will they take advantage of you by charging you exorbitant fees.