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The world has still not recovered from the Presidential win of Donald Trump. However, now that the deed is done, there is no turning back. The unexpected has happened and countries have to face Trump-driven challenges, especially Asia. Singapore and other Asian countries that have long enjoyed strong partnerships with the U.S., could be dismissed. Trump wants to go over the partnerships and change regulations. He is the President of America, not of the world. However, that does not justify his moves and decisions that are neither rational nor wise.


Donald Trump’s Policy: America First


The way the world works is changing bit by bit and that can have a major impact on the economy of other countries. From industries, factories to Moneylender Singapore, Trump’s policy overrules the Asia policy. The America First policy of Trump mainly emphasizes in bringing back jobs to American citizens, that are currently taken by people from other countries. Countries like India, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia are likely to feel the heat of exporting jobs. Millions of people can lose their jobs due to Trump’s policy and they would be forced to go back home. It is certainly going to work as a great advantage for American citizens. However, it does not take the interests of other countries into account at all. As Americans believe it to be a job theft, it is this very promise which made him the President.


Singapore and other Asian countries will not be a priority any longer, as opposed to Obama’s strategy and policies. China will have a dominant power if America disengages with Asia. It is certainly not a good sign for Singapore. The economy of the country can be greatly affected and the growth could reduce. The maximum damage would be felt by countries in South China Sea like Phillipines. On the other hand, Trump would still like to use Japan and its resources for the manufacture of nuclear weapons. This could bring about a change in the political dynamics.


The bottomline is that, the policy and decisions of Trump are uncertain. This leaves countries like India, Singapore, Taiwan and other Asian countries at a serious disadvantage. It could lead to the disruption of the economical stability of the countries and also weigh down the economic growth. As for the economic growth of Singapore, it did not go quite as expected.