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Moneylender Singapore is the real friend of people who are in need of instant loan in order to meet some unexpected expenses. Financial shortfall might push people into depression but there’s no point losing heart when you can borrow instant cash loan Singapore. However, one thing that needs to be kept in mind is the interest rate that you have to pay. Interest payment makes up a chunk of the loan repayment and you need to research a bit to avail the lowest possible interest rates on any payday loan Singapore.

Use the following tips to find rates from the top moneylender Singapore and avail loans at low interest rates:

Online research can give you better insights – You can do an online research to find the lowest interest rates being offered by moneylender Singapore. Online reviews of these payday loan companies in Singapore will reveal unknown facts that you will never come to know from other sources. Besides the reviews, you get to see the comments posted by ex-borrowers. Google for the top moneylender Singapore companies and then visit their websites to learn about the rates being offered.

Call up the licensed moneylenders in Singapore

Only the licensed moneylenders in Singapore will give you the best interest rates. However, this is a time consuming task and often moneylenders refrain from sharing the rates with random callers. Most of them will ask you to visit their office so that they can have a look at your application and quote the interest rates only after assessing your financial position.

Personally visit the offices of moneylenders

Check for the licensed moneylenders in your neighborhood and the rates they are offering by paying a visit to their office. Companies that offer payday loan Singapore will ask you to fill up an application form and then the loan officer will ask you to type the SingPass. This is done to carry out a credit check and offer you the best possible rates based on the same. Neither do you have to waste your time online nor do you have to call up the loan offices to find the interest rates. A personal visit to the moneylender Singapore office is the best way to find out the interest rates being offered.

Compare the loan rates online

You can visit the loan rate comparison websites and find the rates being offered by the top moneylender Singapore. This is probably the easiest and accurate way of getting the interest rates.