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When it comes to trusting a moneylender people are generally skeptical because of some unruly elements in the market who have maligned the integrity of Moneylenders Singapore. We believe that with persistent efforts and a clear vision the good name of the business can be brought back into the moneylenders Singapore market. Which is why Qvcredit works hard in their day to day business activities to make sure that our consumers do not face any kind of inconvenience.

Complete Legality is maintained

As well-known licensed moneylenders Singapore, Qvcredit does not indulge in practices of harassing the consumers for the recovery of. We adhere to strict policies, which ensures that we continue our operations without any legal difficulties. It’s because our consumer friendly policies, we have managed to gain a lengthy list of consumers. Which is why, if you are in need of an instant cash loan Singapore, Moneylenders Singapore will avail to you customized loan packages to suit your needs.

Charge reasonable interest rates

Private Moneylenders Singapore earns its dues by charging a small fee for the services provided. Apart from that our only source of income has been the interest rates we charge on the loans. Interest rates charged by licensed moneylenders Singapore are under the regulation of the Ministry of Law. If you are familiar with the workings of this market you can easily identify an unlicensed moneylender if you pay a little attention to their interest rates, as the interest rates will be extremely high.

Utmost Transparency

Moneylenders Singapore require your personal details on for proceeding with approval of the loan. After your application process on our website is complete we’ll contact you further via email. Once the processing is complete our loan officer will meet you up at a location of your choice to get your signatures on some final papers. After which you can take possession of your cash.


If you are still have doubts about any of the proceeding you can contact us at any point of time and one of our professional team members will take care of your needs. If want to be absolutely sure about whom you are dealing with, then you can always check the list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore, provided by the Ministry of Law. This comprehensive will provide you with names of all the licensed moneylenders Singapore.

Once you are able to see the above pointers, you will be able to choose the right moneylender Singapore.