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Who has not dream of creating a warm and welcoming space? However, renovation costs send chills down the spine, with the increasing costs of the home furnishing and services. With Renovation Loans Singapore, this task can be made simpler. You can use the money from the loan to do all the repairs needed, and, you are even eligible for tax benefits when you apply. But, there are cases when the loan application was rejected. Sometimes it is not just about your credit score – there are several aspects a loan applicant needs to be careful about.

Here are the important things that you need to work on before you apply for any of the renovation loans:


It depends on the loan provider to come up with the terms or conditions for accepting or rejecting a loan. So, you need to get the list of all the things that will get you the approval. Check if you can apply for a loan on a joint account. This way either an individual can apply alone or go for a joint application. The stronger the records, the better your chances of approval are.


Bring all your documents and compile them neatly. Be it your social ID or bank accounts, home ownership papers or employment letter, you need to set them and get copies. It will help you to provide any documentation that Renovations Loans Singapore may demand at the time of application.


This document is very important for your application. Do not argue with the executive that you lost it or do not have a copy. Make sure you have the original, and if lost it, get a copy from the local authorities before you apply for the loan. Without this document, it will be difficult for you to apply for the loan.


The details that any loan provider requires would be in the form. You need to supply the right details. However, there are people who will get a few details wrong, and their loan will be rejected. Make sure you go through the details twice before submitting the form. Along with the form, you will have to submit the bank statements that reflect your credibility.