QV Credit Bad Credit Loans Singapore

QV Credit Bad Credit Loans Singapore

Everyone knows that having a bad credit score is not a situation you want to be in. Apply with QV Credit, a legal & licensed money lender in Singapore now! We are very much aware of the struggles borrowers with bad credit go through. Thus, we have fast cash loans to help you through these tough times as it is almost impossible to get bank loans approval if you have a poor credit score.

What are Bad Credit Loans Singapore?

These are unsecured loans that can be taken by individuals with a bad credit score. Most traditional moneylenders have very stringent rules on borrowing, and most of the time, a poor credit score will cause your loan application to be rejected.

When Will I Need a Bad Credit Loan?

There are many instances in life when emergencies arise, and you might need more money than your savings can afford. These are times when taking out loans will be very beneficial to you. You do not need to borrow money from friends and family, which might negatively affect your relationship with them. There are many licensed moneylenders who can help you out with a bad credit loan.

Here are some examples of instances where a Bad Credit Loan Singapore will be a good idea for you:

1. You are in the middle of a medical situation that needs urgent cash, but banks have rejected you due to poor credit scores.

Unlike banks, our loans are not out of bounds. Your health and your loved ones’ lives are of utmost importance and we will do our best to help you by providing the fast cash you need. Apply for a loan with us and we will advise you on the appropriate amount of money to take so that you do not have trouble repaying the sum later.

 2. You did not pay your mortgage loan on time and hence your credit score was negatively impacted. You, however, need to apply for a loan to cover some urgent expenses. The bank and other financial lenders have denied you the loans.

Home foreclosure will definitely negatively affect both your credit score and reputation with banks and financial institutions. It is hence, very difficult to get a loan from them. However, we do not look at your credit score — in fact, this Bad Credit Loan is for you! We will help you take out the loan you need and tide you over.

3. You need a fast cash personal loan to pay off some upcoming bills and expenses as your salary has been delayed, but the bank did not approve your loan because of poor credit scores.

Emergencies such as this can arise, and it can take a toll on your mental and emotional health. This is when a loan will come in handy, to avoid any unpleasant situations with your landlord or the bills. We can provide you the cash, no matter how last-minute it is.

4. I took out a loan from the bank to pay for my child’s school fees and my credit score was badly affected as I did not repay it on time. Can I still qualify for a fast cash personal loan of $5,000?

Education is vital, and as parents, we will do anything to give our children the learning support and tools they need. This is where we can help you. We understand that there are lots of expenses in life, and sometimes you need that personal loan to help the family tide over. We will be more than happy to help you with a loan for bad credit.

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Why Should I Take a Bad Credit Loan Singapore with QV Credit?

As a licensed moneylender, our aim is to help take away the stress and solve your problems. We pride ourselves on putting out clients first. We understand that your need for a loan is out of desperation, and you have already tried other ways. Moreover, we have streamlined our loan process to make it as fast and simple as possible!

All our loan products offer the following characteristics:

Easy and Quick Application Process: Our online application form is simple and to the point. You can find the form here. No need to download, scan and fax, just fill it in and hit “Send”! It is a fast process!

Fast disbursement of cash: We know how urgent the money is. Therefore, we will give you the money via cheque or cash right after the loan is approved. You can get it within 24 hours if needed!

Flexible repayment plans: Everyone has their own unique problems. There is no template for a repayment scheme. We tailor loan packages for each individual, and we work out a repayment plan that works for you. We do not want you to be stressed over finances even after the current problems are over.  

Great Customer Service: We hold our clients as the number one priority. We will always put you first. Our loan assistants are extremely experienced in finance and are both friendly and helpful. They are available for queries or concerns, always.

How to Get Loans with Bad Credit

Here is how it works and what you can expect to happen when taking a Bad Credit Loan Singapore with us.

1. Apply for a loan online here.

2. Wait for our team to contact you, this will be done within a day.

Our loans assistant will ask some questions and inform you of the documents needed. You will set a date and time for the appointment.

3. The mandatory documents needed will be:

  • Proof that you are a Singapore citizen over 21 years of age OR
  • A foreigner with a legitimate job authorization (S Pass)
  • NRIC photocopy (both sides)
  • Not bankrupt
  • Tenancy agreement for foreigners
  • Proof of address (PUB bill or handphone bill)
  • Evidence of income

4. You will meet our loan assistant at our office.

They will take your documents, and go through the loan agreement, including all terms and agreements and other fees. We will not keep any charges hidden, we are fully transparent with everything. They will also work out a repayment schedule that is comfortable for you.

5. Once you agree to the terms and conditions, you will sign the loan agreement.

After this, the loan assistant will give you the money in cheque or cash.

Bad credit should not hinder you from getting the cash you need to get through life. We pride ourselves on our trust and integrity, qualities our clients appreciate. We are here to help you, always. So if you are in a dire situation and have a poor credit score, no fear because our Personal Loan for Bad Credit Singapore is for you!

We offer other loans, such as renovation loan, business loan or personal loan in Singapore. Drop us a call at +65 6835 7666 if you have any enquries!

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