Payday Loan Singapore

What is a payday loan?

Payday loans are loans to help cover urgent expenses when you run into financial emergencies and payday isn’t here yet. It is a short term loan on a small amount. As in no more than a few weeks and a few hundred bucks.

With our payday loan, never stress again about unpaid credit card bills, grocery expenses, house rent or school fees.

After all, life is meant to be enjoyed, not spent agonizing over financial hiccups.

Easy and Quick Application

Our online application form is simple and to the point. No need to download, scan or fax — just apply online and hit “Send”.

Instant Cash Disbursement

We know how urgent the loans are. That's why we give you money in cash right after the payday loan is approved. You can even get it within 20 minutes!

Flexible Repayment Plans

Everyone's problems are unique. So we customise the repayment plan that works best for you. Why? Because we don't want you to be stressed over finances even after the current problems are over.

Great Customer Service

We hold our clients as the number one priority. If you have any queries or concerns, we're always happy to help. You're not alone in this.

Pros and Cons of Payday Loan
Pros Cons
Simple and fast cash solution to an urgent problem
Emergencies do come up and it's nice to know you can get cash within minutes
Loan Amount
The loan amount will be within your monthly salary payout

High Likelihood of Approval

Especially if you have a poor credit score that's preventing you from getting financial help

Shorter Repayment Period

You must be certain you can repay the loan, or you might find yourself deeper in debt)

Adjustable Amounts

There are a variety of loan options you can choose from, depending on your need

Need Checking Account and Steady Income

You will have to provide proof of income

No Need to Provide Collateral Security

You won't risk losing your house, car or other valuable assets at any point in time

Doesn't Solve Big Financial Problems

Payday loans can take care of small needs but can't help you in a big crisis

A payday loan is just like receiving your paycheck early. So when taking payday loans from a legal and licensed moneylender, you can be assured of honesty and affordable interest rates. We are always here to help.

Apply for a Payday Loan with QV Credit

Get An Instant In-Principle Approval And Collect Your Money On The Spot!

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Why Should I Take Payday Loans with QV Credit?

Suddenly received a bill but payday isn’t here yet? Or have to fork out a sum but don’t quite have enough in your bank account?

We understand that you don’t have control over your payday and we want to support you.

But if you’re thinking you can just borrow from a family member or close friend, HOLD ON! Because finances can destroy relationships.

Our payday loan is meant to help you and remove that burden on your shoulders. As legal, licensed money lenders, we adhere to the rules of the Ministry of Law, so rest assured that our interest rates are affordable and loan repayment terms are reasonable.

Fast Cash Payday Loan Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for a payday loan from QV Credit and any other licensed moneylender, you will need to meet some basic requirements.

Minimum Requirement

  • Above 21 years old
  • Singaporean citizen, Permanent Resident or possess a valid work permit
  • Full-time employed

Documents Required

  • NRIC or Passport
  • Proof of employment status (last 3 months of your most recent payslip)
  • Proof of billing to your residential address (latest bills eg. phone bills, utility bills, broadband bills)

How Do I Take Out a Payday Loan in Singapore?

Apply for a Payday Loan Singapore online here.

Wait for our team to contact you, this will be done within a day.


Our loan assistant will find out more about your situation and let you know the documents you will need to bring for an appointment at our office.

The mandatory documents needed will be:
  • NRIC or Passport
  • Singpass (Compulsory for Singaporean and PR)
  • The last 3 months of your most recent payslip
  • Proof of billing to your residential address (E.g. Utility bill, broadband bill, or mobile phone bill)
We do not ask for these documents in the online application as we know these are personal details that should not be shared via the Internet. QV Credit holds clients’ information with integrity, and we will keep your data safe.

You will meet our loan officer at our office.


We’ll go through the loan agreement, including all terms and agreements and other fees. There’ll be no hidden charges, we are fully transparent with everything. Then we’ll work out a loan repayment schedule that is comfortable for you.


Oh yes, you’ll love this about us… there are no hidden charges! What you see is what you get.


Once you agree to the terms and conditions, are aware of all fees, and have a repayment schedule, you will sign the loan agreement.


Within minutes, you’ll receive the money in cash or via internet bank transfer to your account of choice. Done!

Apply for a Payday Loan with QV Credit

Get An Instant In-Principle Approval And Collect Your Money On The Spot!


Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions that we get from most of our clients. Do take some time browsing through and we hope you may find the answers you are looking for!

Payday loans are beneficial as a rescue in these difficult financial times, and a means of adding on to your salary if it is not enough to cover costs.

For example, you might need some money to pay for your child’s school fees but payday is still a few weeks away. Short term medical bills, car and home repairs are other common uses of payday loans.

Instead of sacrificing your other monthly expenses, you can take out a payday loan and make the repayment the following month.

While we don’t have hard and fast rules when a person might apply for a payday loan in Singapore, here are some common situations:
  • If you need to settle bills that can’t be delayed, but don’t have the cash
  • For employed individuals who are not eligible for bank loans
  • For individuals with a poor credit rating
  • For those who don’t own a credit card
  • When the loan required is small enough that you don’t need to take up a personal loan
  • You have certainty you can pay back the loan by the next payday
If you’re in one or more of these situations, a payday loan is great for you. However, do take note that if you need a large amount of cash that is far beyond your income earning, then you should not take on a payday loan. These loans need to be paid back within the next payday, so make sure the loans are of a small, repayable amount.
Once you’re approved for a payday loan, you may receive the loan in the form of physical cash, cheque, or have the money deposited into your bank account. You’ll then need to pay back the loan in full plus the finance charge by its due date. There are various options to pay off the loan:
  • A post-dated cheque when you apply
  • A cheque/cash on your next payday
  • A direct debit from your bank account
  • Another form of credit

Absolutely! A payday loan is issued to you in cash, so you can use it to settle any outstanding debts or bills that are pressing and urgent. As a legal, licensed money lender in Singapore, it is our duty to help get you out of immediate financial trouble.

Once you have some breathing space, we can work together to repay the loan. Our advice is simple: talk to an organization that can provide financial help when you need it, and we are here to help you.

The short answer is yes.

But it’s not recommended because that means that you likely have a cash flow problem and it’s hard to cover your basic monthly expenses. Unless you’re in a unique situation where a few incidents crop up during those few months, and you’ll be financially stable again after that.

If you need help meeting a financial obligation and you’re not sure of the best way or which cash loan to take, talk to us. Our loans assistant will help advise you on the amount to borrow, so you can comfortably repay your loans without incurring extra debts!

For a bank loan in Singapore, it is common operating procedure for banks to do a credit background check and this puts people with a bad credit rating at a disadvantage.

But why should you be denied a loan just because of the past? We believe that you have good intentions and we want to help you, no matter what financial situation you are in.

Besides, if you have a satisfactory track record of payment of your loans in the past (or have never taken a loan before), you should be given a chance!

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