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Whether you are looking to finance your first car or get a new one, do the sums for your next car easily. From affordability to cash flow management, calculate your finances and key milestones with our car loan calculator.

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Note: The calculations shown here for the car loan are only indicative results. They are not the definitive monthly instalment amount. QV Credit shall not be responsible for any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from the use of or reliance on the information provided.


Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions that we get from most of our clients. Do take some time browsing through and we hope you may find the answers you are looking for!

What affects monthly instalment amount?

In Singapore, our car’s COE constitutes the bulk of the actual price of the car. It’s understandable if some will take up car loans, COE loans or a COE renewal loan.


Borrowers will be required to pay back a fixed sum every month over an agreed repayment period until they pay the capital and accrued interest back to the lender in full.

Factors that affect the monthly installment:

  • Loan Amount (the more financing required, the more the instalment)
  • Interest Rate (usually calculated based on total financing required and contract length)
  • Loan Tenure (longer loan tenures means lower instalments, but typically also means higher interest rates)


The above car loan calculator will give you a good estimate of the monthly repayment required on your car loans or COE renewal loans in Singapore.

Just to emphasise again, the numbers above are subject to change based on the prevailing interest rate environment and the loan packages chosen.

How do I get the best interest rate for my vehicle in Singapore?

The interest rate for your car loan or COE renewal loan will vary from lender to lender.


In general, financial institutions in Singapore, like banks, might be able to give a fair interest rate, but their repayment structure might not be as flexible.


They also have a more complex loan application process, requiring you to submit more loan documents, minimum income before you are eligible, credit checks on your existing liability etc.


A licensed money lender like QV Credit makes vehicle loans hassle-free. The approval process is fast, sometimes even within a day. No credit checks are applicable either.


So regardless of how many existing loans you have, as long as you desire a car, we want to help you afford both your car and your COE.


Whichever option you choose, for existing car owners, you might be able to enjoy savings by renewing your COE early. It always makes sense to see if an option like this benefits you.


If you find yourself short of cash, we have a COE renewal loan that can help you along with your car loan.


Feel free to contact our friendly advisors if you need help calculating the COE rebates or how much loan amount you would require for your car loan or COE renewal loan.

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