Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions that we get from most of our clients. Do take some time browsing through and we hope you may find the answers you are looking for!

Where can I apply my loan at?

You are able to apply your loan via our online loan application form that is easy to complete, or subsequently you may drop by our office at:

QV Credit Pte. Ltd.
175A Bencoolen Street
#11-08, Burlington Square
Singapore 189650
Phone: 6835 7666

May I know the reason for not approving my loan?
QV Credit reserve all rights not to disclose any information with regards to any loan approvals.
Will QV Credit grant me a loan if I have bad credit ratings?

Subjected to a case by case basis, we will try our best to customize a loan package according to your repayment ability.

May I take another loan if I already have an existing loan with QV Credit?

Yes, we will grant you another loan provided you are eligible at time of application subjecting to The Moneylenders Act and its regulations.

Upon paying off my loan, am I able to request for another loan?
Yes, we will grant you another loan provided you are eligible at time of application subjecting to The Moneylenders Act and its regulations.
How do I make my Repayment?

By Default, payments are made through GIRO. You can also opt for bank transfer to our designated accounts or pay CASH at our office.

Are there any fees if I would like to make an early redemption?

No, there will not be any additional fee incurred

Upon Approval of my Loan Application can I still reject it?
YES, you should not be coerced or pressured to take out any loans if it is not what you are looking for in terms of any deplorable clauses or even personal reasons.
Are there Compulsory Requirements needed for any loans?

In order to take out any loans from us, you have to fulfill these requirements stated below:

  1. A Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident of Singapore
  2. At least the age of 21 and above
  3. Must not be declared undischarged bankrupt nor any bankruptcy that is ongoing
  4. Permanently employed contributing monthly CPF
  5. Foreigners and Expats must have a Valid Work Permit or Valid Passport
  6. Self-Employed to have their Income Tax Assessment, ACRA, or Vocational License
What is the Maximum Amount of Loan that I can take out?
Secured Loans:
  • No Restriction to any amounts
Unsecured Loans:
  • If your annual income is less than S$20,000 : Up to of S$3,000
  • If your annual income is at least S$20,000 and more, in addition to AWS and Bonuses : Up to 6X of your monthly income
What should I do after my loan approval is successful?
  • Double check on the loaned amount to ensure that it is the correct amount
  • Make prompt repayments to avoid any late payment fees or interests imposed
  • Each time after a repayment is being made, ensure that you are being issued a dated and signed receipt if it is made in cash.
  • Check on your name, amount, date, on the correctness of every detail
  • Double check that you are being issued a statement of account for all loans at least every 6 months
  • Retain and file up all physical copy of proofs as documentation and evidence of payments.
Can I seek professional financial advice before actually applying for a loan?

Whether you are a foreigner or a local in Singapore in need of some money, it helps to receive sound and professional advice from a dependable source. A licensed moneylender can shed some light on your situation in case you have questions when it comes to the rules and regulations involved with moneylending. The different requirements may also be highlighted and brought to your knowledge, along with any required qualifications in terms of your credit history, and so on.

You can definitely obtain relevant and updated pieces of information and advice from a licensed moneylender, so you no longer have to make mistakes from misinformation. As long as you qualify, you can have your application processed and thereafter, all you need to do is to submit the paperwork required by the moneylender. Simply wait for their feedback and provide additional documents if necessary prior to receiving your contract that is only awaiting to be signed.

What should I look out for to determine if the moneylender Singapore is licensed or not?

All legal money lenders are required to have a legal license to actually lend money or to proceed with moneylending. And all licensed money lenders in Singapore are governed by official regulations and are therefore more credible than any other legitimate financial institutions. They are recognized by the Registry of Money Lenders as well as by the Ministry of Law, which means all licensed money lender companies are actually listed on the website of the Ministry of Law.

But regardless, if you are still hesitant, there is one sure way to identify a reliable moneylender from an illegal one. And this can be determined by the services of the money lending company that they provide to their clients. Nowadays, you may receive random SMS from businesses that advertise their products and services. However, a licensed lender is not allowed to use such a marketing tool to send information about the business to the public. In fact, the Ministry of Law guidelines do not recommend advertising through telemarketing or SMS. The same holds true with Singapore’s privacy acts, and companies that are caught not complying with this regulation run the risk of being penalized by the government.

Should you be receiving text messages from moneylenders to your personal mobile phone, be sure to never respond to such notifications to avoid falling into the traps of the illegitimate money lending organizations. Moreover, any request for your personal information (SingPass, bank account details, NRIC, etc) via these messages can be extremely dangerous. So take extra caution to vet check all messages that come to your mobile phone to avoid falling prey to these scheming tactics by the illegal moneylenders.

What are the benefits of applying for a personal loan with a licensed money lender in Singapore?

As long as the money lender companies are officially licensed, they are reliable money lenders that are legally allowed to lend you a quick financial solution. So should you need money urgently in Singapore, you will just need to fill up an application form, provide your personal details, submit some documents for proof and choose the specific type of loan you require for your situation.

Licensed money lenders are generally fast, efficient and have minimum procedures. Based on a case by case basis, they may not request for your credit scores and do not require an extremely tedious loan application process.

Are loans from Singapore licensed money lenders secured enough?

Dealing with a licensed moneylender helps with ensuring security especially since you are dealing with a highly sensitive medium — money.

Naturally, you would not want to deal with a fly-by-night lender, which means that there is no guarantee that you could even talk to anyone in case you have some questions. When you apply for a loan with these kind of illegal lenders, there may be instances whereby you would not even receive official documentation or a contract offered to you. So in these situations, you actually may come to realise that you do not have any written evidence to hold on to in case problems arise along the way.

But if you choose a licensed moneylender, there are no worries on your part. Licensed lenders possess a valid and up-to-date registered code of authentication, which means that they are legal to operate their business in the country. They offer an authentic source of money lending to clients, so there is no chance of you getting scammed by these people. The contract and details stipulated there are all legal and legitimate, and they comply with the Registry of moneylender in Singapore’s policies when it comes to interest rates.

If you want to contact the company for your questions, you can always visit their office to speak with someone there. This is a big point to consider since there will come a time where some concerns may arise, and you need to make sure that your needs are met. Also, it is comforting to know that if ever you have questions or inquiries, you can always consult someone to receive an immediate response.

How much interest rate should I expect when applying for a loan with licensed Singapore money lenders?

Licensed money lenders generally do charge a higher interest rate than industry standards, and sometimes, they do not have a fixed interest rate. Therefore, you may need to take extra care when signing the contract so that you are fully aware of all possible and potential claims and clauses.

But nevertheless, since licensed moneylenders abide by the standards and policies set by authorities in Singapore, you can count on the competitive rates they offer. These rates are reasonable since there is a cap that moneylenders can put on interest rates.

So, you can be guaranteed that you will only need to repay a fair amount of money once the term of your loan is over. In the same way, the repayment schedule is reasonable enough. You can also check with the moneylenders what their payment terms are, so you will be able to foresee the cost you need to pay at the end of the period of your loan. As mentioned above, these items should be stated in the contract, and do make it a point to review the details carefully to avoid any problems in the long run with regard to legal circumstances.

What should I do when searching for the right licensed money lender in Singapore?
When choosing a Singapore moneylender for your financial concerns, it is very important that you deal with one offering a legitimate and reliable level of service. This is why it makes perfect sense to check the background of moneylenders that you are currently looking to consult for your needs since not everyone can meet your standards and requirements. There are now some moneylenders known for their false and misleading advertising while others are notorious for their malpractice. Thus, you have to be smart and well-informed during your search for a reputable moneylender in Singapore to spare yourself from further problems.
Are there any documents that I need to bring when applying for a personal loan physically at the office?
Yes, there are a few documents required for verification purposes. Your legal moneylender of choice will advise you further once you indicate interest in taking up a loan with them. Additionally, all legal money lender companies are located in physical offices that you can make a trip down to with all the relevant documents. Moreover, according to IPTO’s regulation, all successful personal loan applications require the applicant to collect the loaned amount in cash from the licensed moneylender’s office. This is so to ensure that all paperwork required for the loan application is legal and binding between both parties.
Do Singapore money lenders have an official landline number for me to contact them at?

Unlicensed moneylenders also usually do not have a physical office address stated and they have no registered landline numbers. In contrast, legal licensed moneylenders have official landlines so that they can reach out to their clients in case they are required to address any inquiries or concerns. So if you ever receive a call from a mobile number regarding money lending, you should never take up their loan offer since you can’t be quite certain if they are a legal business operating in the country.

However, if you are still unsure, you should definitely seek the help of a family member first before doing anything else.

What do I need to do when I get a contract for a loan application?

Once you are approved of a loan, you will need to request for a contract that indicates information about your loaned amount, interest rates, penalties, and schedule of payment. The language used in the contract must be one that you can understand, so there will be no confusion or uncertainty as you read it.

Always be careful before you sign a contract. Read the items carefully and ask for clarifications if need be. If there are details that may seem too vague or unclear to you, never hesitate to ask questions, so you know exactly what you are getting into. If the moneylender refuses to address your concerns, then it is not worth affixing your signature because you may only get into further trouble by choosing to deal with an illegal lending business.

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