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Read our ultimate guides on the benefits of licensed money lenders, how to identify licensed moneylenders in Singapore with many tips & advices on how to manage your finances! Are you unsure whether to apply for personal loans, payday loans, fast urgent cash loans or other loans? Click here to apply or call and our friendly team would love to assist you!

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Money Lending Act: How to Know If a Moneylender is Licensed?

According to the Moneylenders Act, a moneylender is one who, whether they act as the principal lender or as an agent to a moneylending institution, carries or holds himself out as carrying the business of moneylending. Purpose and Legislative Intent …

Important tips to know about licensed money lenders in Singapore
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7 Tips to Identify Legal Licensed Money Lenders Singapore

When choosing a moneylender Singapore for your financial concerns, it is very important that you deal with one offering a legitimate and reliable level of service. This is why it makes perfect sense to check the background of moneylenders you …

Rent loans without debt

Can I Pay My Rent Using a Credit Card?

With a lengthy waiting period for the completion of a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat, getting a BTO has long been in the planning for many Singaporean couples out there. However, there is still a great number of Singaporeans that choose to …


The Habits Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Adopt

The most successful of entrepreneurs get their inspiration from other successful people that came before them. With an attitude that prioritizes lifelong learning and being flexible enough to learn from your mistakes and adjusting your habits accordingly to help you …


All You Need to Know About the CPF Special Account

Ever wondered what it would be like to retire with a million dollars in your CPF account? Well, it is certainly possible if you employ the right methods. Considering the number of years that you spend in the working world, …

Travel tips

How to Avoid Dynamic Currency Conversion When you Travel

Credit cards are the most convenient way to pay for your goods and services when you are traveling and do not want to deal with different currencies. What’s more, it is a method for people to gain more miles for …

Investing and debt

Paying off your Debts and Investing Smartly in Singapore

Americans tend to be debt-ridden, and are often caught in the dilemma of deciding between paying their debts first or taking on smart investments to build their wealth. The statistics don’t lie with Forbes.com declaring that the average American carrying …

Credit Scores

Maximising your Credit Card in Singapore

Singapore has progressed tremendously since its independence due to its stringent laws against crime and corruption and hardworking locals. This has translated to great economic success for the country and is emerging as a global superpower in her own right.  …

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15 Tips To Squeeze Your Dollar When Shopping For Groceries

Trips to NTUC or Giant may not feel like much each instance, but add them up over time and the costs can really make you notice how light your wallet has started to feel. With grocery shopping being an unavoidable …

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Why You, a Young Singaporean, Must Be Financially Literate

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a banker or an accountant to be financially savvy. Being familiar with the personal finance space is also a big plus, granting you leverage to make wise financial decisions. Regardless of …

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