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What is a Wedding Loan?

Since the amount is typically too big to charge to a credit card, taking out a loan would make sense.

This wedding loan is a mix between a personal loan and an installment plan used to cover your wedding cost.

Unlike personal loans from the bank, which is not specific to the purpose, wedding loans are specifically designed for couples who wish to get married.

And traditional money lenders don’t give tailor-made loans for weddings. Even if they do, there are lots of conditions to those loans, making it unnecessarily stressful for the couple who is already so occupied with preparations!

Hence private lenders such as QV Credit have come in to cater to your specific needs.

Wedding Loans Singapore for Couples 2021

Everyone has dreamt about their perfect wedding and being surrounded by your friends and family on the most magical day of your life.

But there’s one problem. The wedding costs are pretty huge. There’s the gown rental, catering, flowers, banquet, photography, wedding planning, wedding venue and many more.

Here are some numbers: The average cost of wedding banquets alone range from S$3,000 to S$30,000 and a grand event can cost up to S$100,000.

And honestly, not many of us have this huge amount of savings in our bank to tide us through tying the knot.

You deserve the best wedding to celebrate your love. And you shouldn’t have to compromise your happiness because of money.

QV Credit offers one of the most Affordable Wedding/Marriage Loans in Singapore that will ensure your big day will go off without a hitch, without skimping on any details! If you are unsure of whether or not to take up a loan for wedding, here’s some important information you need to know before you take your first step down the aisle.

Benefits of a Wedding Loan with QVCredit

A wedding is for a day, but a marriage is for a lifetime. Make your wedding a lifetime memory for your loved ones.

Easy and Quick Wedding Loan Application

Unlike your bank or credit union that might keep you waiting for weeks before approving your loans, getting a wedding loan with us is easy thanks to our simple loan application process!

Any established moneylender like QV Credit will provide convenient online application forms. You will get speedy confirmation of your loan application, and you just need to turn up at the office with the required documents!

Our loan assistants will also work out a comfortable repayment scheme so you do not feel burdened by debt. We want you to enjoy your newly married life!

Affordable Interest Rates for Wedding Loans in Singapore

QV Credit is dedicated to offering you an affordable interest rate because we understand this is an important day to you and we want to be here for you every step of the way.

We aim to provide you with the perfect wedding loan package to meet all your expenses and needs. Our wedding loans are customized to reflect your financial ability, as well as allow you to have your dream wedding!

We want every couple to settle comfortably into newly-married life and enjoy the honeymoon with no worries of immediate repayments, or worry about being in debt so early on!

Receive your Money In One Lump Sum

Applying for a loan ensures that all the cash you need is received in one lump sum. This enables you to plan the entire wedding smoothly, without having to worry about budget.

Sure, you might be able to borrow from a few good friends and family, but sometimes that could mean being pressured to go according to the desires of the people who financed them.

But with all the money you need, you have independence to make decisions on your own.

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How does a marriage loan in Singapore work?

No two engaged couples are the same: every couple has different wants and needs. Even more importantly, everyone has their own financial situations.

As such, the loans offered are based on your repayment ability. The loan schedule is prepared after evaluating your income so that you will not be stressed out by hefty loan repayments during your honeymoon period, which we understand can create unnecessary tensions between newly-married couples.

In the long-term, tailored wedding loans are recommended for protecting your assets. A couple who has to take up secured loans from banks for the weddings land in risky situations of potentially losing their car or home if their financial situation changes in the future.

Eligibility and Requirements for Wedding Loans in Singapore

Eligibility for a wedding installment plan:
If you’re planning further than your wedding and you’re looking for home loans, a car loan or another service, click here.

Documents required:

For Singaporeans / PRs:

  • Proof of identity (NRIC, passport)
  • Proof of income (CPF / bank statements)

For Foreigners:

  • Work Permit / S Pass / E Pass
  • Proof of residence (Utility bills, phone bills, tenancy agreement, etc.)
  • Payslips / bank statements

Apply for a Wedding Loan with QV Credit

Get An Instant In-Principle Approval And Collect Your Money On The Spot!


Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions that we get from most of our clients. Do take some time browsing through and we hope you may find the answers you are looking for!
The total loan amount should cater for everything you need for the wedding, from beginning to end, from the gown to decorations and invitation cards to your venue. Here are the best ways you can use a wedding loan. For a Chinese wedding: A Chinese wedding is a very elaborate event full of age-old traditions and customs, making it one truly unique cultural occasion. If you are marrying a Chinese, you will definitely need to know what the traditions of a wedding in Singapore are. In order to get the blessings needed to be married, it is imperative not to skimp on the traditional aspects as a sign of respect for the culture.
  • Proposal & Betrothal (Guo Da Li 过大礼)
  • Jia Zhuang, Dowry (嫁妆)
Our Chinese Wedding Loan Package in Singapore guarantees to leave the in-laws impressed and showering blessings all over you! For a Malay wedding: A Malay wedding involves traditional events that involve the ‘gotong-royong’ kampung spirit, hence the inclusion of the entire family. It is an expensive affair, but if you truly want to step into married life on a solid note it is important to cater for all expenses. Below are a number of ceremonies and items required for a Malay wedding in Singapore:
  • Merisik gifts
  • Betrothal gifts
  • Dowry
  • Berinai (henna night)
  • Wedding decorations and catering
  • Sirih Dara and Mahar
This is the best way (and the first step) to enjoy the blessings of the entire family. For an Indian wedding: An Indian wedding is another extremely lavish and lively event. It’s the perfect opportunity to combine all some of the best things in life— music, dance, drinks, and food! Such a wedding has its own share of religious and cultural practices, so take note that this might cost you a little more!
  • The pre-party
  • Bangles and henna
  • The engagement gifts
  • The wedding ceremony
  • Red powder and red dress
For a Western wedding: An uber-glamorous Western wedding is obviously the goal of many. But if you checked your savings, you’d realise it would take a long time to get there. That is why we provide marriage loans for your dream Western wedding to come true! Here are a number of uses for your loan:
  • Proposal
  • Venue
  • Wedding bands and attire
  • Wedding photography and videography
  • Wedding cake and decorator
  • Honeymoon

Marriage in Singapore is getting more and more expensive. While some costs can be charged to your credit cards or you could dip your hand into your savings account, it would be wise to cover as much of it with the loan and leave some savings for emergency situations.

  1. Wedding banquet ($10,000 – $30,000)
  2. Bridal package for wedding gown and suit ($1,500 – $7,000)
  3. Engagement / wedding rings ($3,000 – $6,000)
  4. Dowry ($500 – $5,000)
  5. Marriage solemnisation, marriage services ($1,000 – $5,000)
  6. Wedding videography and photography services ($1,000 – $5,000)
  7. Flowers, decoration, invitation cards, doorgifts ($2,000 – $4,000)
  8. Honeymoon ($5,000 – $10,000)
  9. Miscellaneous ($1,000 – $2,000)

One of the things that determine how much borrowers can get is their income. While we are not as stringent as banks, we still want to protect you from getting too deep in debt so early on.

For more information on how much you are eligible for, drop us a call at +65 6835 7666.

The entire process won’t take more than a few days!

Step-by-step process to get a wedding loan with QV Credit:

Step 1: Submit an online loan application

Step 2: Wait for our loan advisor to call you (we usually call you within one hour)

Step 3: Prepare the necessary documents (our loan advisor will let you know what to prepare)

Step 4: Make an appointment to visit our office

Step 5: Our advisors will look through your documents.

Step 6: We’ll also explain the loan in deeper detail to you. You can clarify more questions here.

Step 7: If you’re agreeing to the loan rates, loan tenures and installment plan details, you can sign the loan agreement.

We issue you the money immediately after you’ve signed the loan contract at our office.

No you do not need a good credit score or clean credit history to be eligible.

Marriage is the first step to a new life. And we understand you may not have many other options because of insufficient savings or poor credit.

Even if you have existing loans like a business loan, car loan or you’ve maxed out your credit cards, that’s okay. This is your marriage and we believe that shouldn’t be a reason for not extending out services to you.

Unlike the bank, we make loans accessible to all and we don’t discriminate against customers with bad credit scores.

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