QV Credit Wedding Loan Singapore


QV Credit Wedding Loan Singapore

Apply for a Wedding Loan with QV Credit, a legal & licensed moneylender Singapore today! With affordable interest rates, let us help you prepare for your memorable day with personalized marriage loans.

Wedding Loans Singapore for Couples 2021


Everyone has thought about their perfect wedding — the beautiful gown, glamorous venue and being surrounded by your friends and family on the most magical day of your life. Marriage and a magnificent wedding are the stuff of many dreams in Singapore, but unfortunately, the reality is it comes at a very high cost.

Singapore is among the world’s top wedding destinations and for many good reasons. The country has so many incredible venues for any type of wedding. Furthermore, there are many places that offer high-quality wedding products and services that will make your big day truly unforgettable. From the country’s best wedding planners, videographers, photographers, bridal gown boutiques, incredible food, unique attractions, and of course, our stunning skyline, everything works together to make Singapore a dream destination. Since Singapore is one of the most popular Asian vacation destinations, you can have your own Hollywood-esque Crazy Rich Asians moment. Hey, you can actually get married in CHJIMES just like in the movie!

QV Credit offers Affordable Wedding/Marriage Loans in Singapore that will ensure your big day will go off without a hitch, without skimping on any details! If you are unsure of whether or not to take up a loan for wedding, here are some important facts you need to know about getting married in Singapore.

1. The Average Cost of a Wedding in Singapore is between S$3,000 to S$30,000 and a Grand Event Can Cost up to S$100,000

Having sung so many praises about our little island as an ideal wedding destination, there’s, of course, a hefty price tag that comes along. Like just about everything else in Singapore, weddings are very costly, averaging at S$30,000 to S$50,000. If you want a very grand and glamorous event (which I am sure you do), it can come up to a jaw-dropping S$100,000. After all, there are many aspects to a wedding such as the floral arrangements, dowry, bridal package, solemnization, catering and honeymoon, these will all add up into your budget. And if you want it to be extra special, there will, of course, be extra charges. This is exactly why a wedding loan in Singapore is necessary! And loans for a wedding are not hard to come by!

2. Wedding Loans in Singapore are Special and Tailor-Made for Couples, Unlike Bank Loans that Are Much Less Flexible

Unlike personal loans from the bank, which is not specific to the purpose, a wedding loan is specifically designed for couples who wish to get married. Traditional moneylenders don’t give tailor-made loans for weddings, there are lots of conditions to those loans, making taking up the loan unnecessarily stressful for the couple who is already so occupied with preparations! Hence private lenders such as QV Credit have come in to cater to your specific needs. You will have a fully-qualified loans assistant to work closely with you throughout the application and repayment period.

No two engaged couples is the same: every couple has different wants and needs. Even more importantly, everyone has their own financial situations. As such, the loans offered are based on your repayment ability. The loan schedule is prepared after evaluating your income so that you will not be stressed out by hefty loan repayments during your honeymoon period, which we understand can create unnecessary tensions between newly-married couples. In the long-term, tailored wedding loans are recommended for protecting your assets. A couple who has to take up secured loans from banks for the weddings land in risky situations of potentially losing their car or home if their financial situation changes in the future.

QV Credit Wedding Loans are made to help you, not hinder you. Hence, our flexible wedding loans will take a lot of pressure off your financial situations as newlyweds!

3. Apply for Loans for Wedding in Singapore with QV Credit — Easy and Quick

Unlike your bank or credit union that might keep you waiting for weeks before approving your loans, getting  a wedding loan with us is easy thanks to our simple loan application process! Any established moneylender like QV Credit will provide convenient online application forms. You will get speedy confirmation of your loan application, and you just need to turn up at the office with the required documents!

Our loan assistants will also work out a comfortable repayment scheme so you do not feel burdened by debt. We want you to enjoy your newly married life!

4. Affordable Interest Rates for Wedding Loans

QV Credit offers affordable interest rates as we understand it is an important factor when choosing a moneylender to take a wedding loan from. 

We have a lot of experience in Singapore’s finance industry and our team is very familiar with the different types of loans available. We aim to provide you with the perfect wedding loan package to meet all your expenses and needs. Our wedding loan packages are customized to reflect your financial ability, as well as allow you to have your dream wedding! We want every couple to settle comfortably into newly-married life and enjoy the honeymoon with no worries of immediate repayments, or worry about being in debt so early on!

With that said, being a multi-cultural country, there are different types of weddings in Singapore. The four main wedding types are Chinese, Malay, Indian and Western. Each of these wedding types have different customs. Our wedding loans all tailor to the needs of each type, read on to find out the specific expenses you might incur for each wedding!

What You Will Need to Spend on for a Chinese Wedding

A Chinese wedding is a very elaborate event full of age-old traditions and customs, making it a truly unique cultural occasion. If you are marrying a Chinese, you will definitely need to know what the traditions of a wedding in Singapore are. In order to get the blessings needed to be married, it is imperative not to skimp on the traditional aspects as a sign of respect for the culture.

Below are some of these items to help you start budgeting for the event:

Proposal & Betrothal (Guo Da Li 过大礼)

This is an integral part of a Chinese wedding in Singapore, involving the presentation of gifts by the groom’s family to the bride’s family. These gifts symbolize well wishes for fertility and prosperity in the marriage, things the Chinese consider extremely important. Each dialect group in Singapore have their own special betrothal baskets, which you can easily buy from wedding shops in the city, so do make sure you find out which dialect group your bride’s family is from!

Jia Zhuang, Dowry (嫁妆)

Dowry is an important part of any traditional wedding. For the Chinese, the bride will bring a dowry, consisting of baby prosperity sets, the marriage bed and sewing kits which will be put in the couple’s room. This is a sign of her willingness to become a wife.

There might also be a tea ceremony, or specific wedding decorations, wedding door games, food, and even traditional wear, depending on the specific family practices or how traditional your in-laws may be. All these items will no doubt add up in the total cost of the wedding, so do plan carefully!

In order to please the in-laws and respect customs, there will be a significant cost incurred. This is where a Chinese Wedding Loan with QV Credit will be extremely useful! Our Chinese Wedding Loan Package in Singapore guarantees to leave the in-laws impressed and showering blessings all over you!

What You Will Need to Spend on a Malay Wedding in Singapore

Malay weddings in Singapore are heavily traditional events that involve the ‘gotong-royong’ kampung spirit, hence the inclusion of the entire family. It is an expensive affair, but if you truly want to start your union on a solid note it is important to cater for all expenses. You will enjoy the blessings of the community, which the Malays hold very closely to their hearts. Below are some of ceremonies and items required for a Malay wedding in Singapore:

Merisik gifts

During the initial stages of proposal and engagement, the groom’s family will send a respected member as the representative, with an entourage to deliver gifts. As a groom, you will have to organize how to buy these gifts and ensure you buy the right ones.

Betrothal gifts

Exchanging betrothal gifts is integral to a Malay wedding. A couple will gift each other items such as handbags, food, and jewelry. The groom will also present Duit Hantaran which is a sum of between $8,000 to $15,000. These gifts are offered before solemnization.


During the bertunang (engagement) a mas kahwin (dowry) will be paid before solemnization.

Berinai (henna night)

Two to three days before the wedding, the henna night is held for the bride, her family, and friends. It is not a compulsory ritual, but many brides enjoy this night for spending quality time with her friends and taking photographs of the enviable henna designs she will get done!

Weddings decorations and catering

Preparation for the ceremony begins three days in advance. Flower arrangements are known as Sireh Dara and Sireh Junjung that are gifts between groom and bride and will decorate the dais. There needs to be a lot of food catered because guests might show up a day before the big day in the excitement of the celebration.

Sirih Dara and Mahar

This is the most important gift in a Malay wedding ceremony. It translates to Betel Leaves of Virginity and is given by the groom to the bride signifying she is a virgin. Mahar is a monetary gift given by the groom to the bride as it symbolizes the marriage. Do take note that after solemnization, it is advisable to offer the kadi a gift because they are not paid for their services.

A Malay Wedding Loan with QV Credit will be extremely helpful in planning and executing the perfect Malay wedding! Our Malay Wedding Loan Package in Singapore a sure-fire way to win over the in-laws, community, and gain the favor of the whole community!

What You Will Need to Spend on an Indian Wedding in Singapore

Indian weddings in Singapore are another extremely lavish and lively event. Indians love getting together and having a good time, and a wedding is a perfect opportunity to combine all their favorite things — music, dance, drinks, and food! Indian weddings have their own share of religious and cultural practices, so take note of the extra costs you might incur!

The pre-party

This is a party held a few days before the wedding and it is an extremely joyous event with lots of song and dance to celebrate the upcoming wedding. The bride’s family will sing traditional Indian songs to the groom’s family to welcome them.

Bangles and henna

Indians love their heavy, intricate jewelry, and the customary bangles are no different! The groom will gift his bride with a set of exquisite bangles. The bride’s wedding beauty routine will also include ornate henna done all over her hands and feet.

The engagement gifts

A formal engagement will take place before the wedding. A priest will oversee this ceremony, in which the groom will be prove to be a good provider by him lavishing the bride’s family with gifts. It is also customary for the groom to provide gold to be smelted into a pendant to symbolize the marriage. Both families may also have a time of fasting as a means of obtaining blessings for the wedding.

The wedding ceremony

The bride’s finger is bound with a cord by the priest, to symbolize the new connection with her husband. The priest will then bless the sari and pendant which the groom will have brought.

Red powder and red dress

Some red powder is applied on part of the bride’s hair as a symbol that she is a married woman. She will also be beautifully clothed in red attire.

An Indian wedding in Singapore is definitely a unique and extremely elaborate occasion. The many traditional customs, lavish gifts, numerous parties, and widespread food will no doubt add up to a pretty significant cost. Hence, taking up a wedding loan is definitely advisable. QV Credit’s Indian Wedding Loan in Singapore Package will help you cover the costs and ensure you have a fantastic time!

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What You Will Need to Spend on a Western Wedding in Singapore

Western weddings are the go-to for many couples in Singapore. With so many incredibly beautiful locations like the whimsical White Rabbit, lush One Rochester, Botanic Gardens, CHJIMES, and even the Singapore Zoo, there is no shortage of venues.

An uber-glamorous Western wedding is obviously the goal of many couples, but if you tried saving up for one it would take a long time and even cost the relationship. That is why we provide marriage loans for your dream Western wedding to come true!


This is where the whole wedding begins. The engagement ring given to the groom by the bride can cost between $2,000 to $3,000.


A solemnization ceremony at the registrar will cost between $2,500 and $7,000. Extra costs will come from the luncheon held after the ceremony, however, since us Singaporeans are such foodies, it is likely that the couple prefers to have a full wedding banquet. This will cost an average of $15,000 to $36,000, depending on the number of guests and the location chosen. A wedding loan will be a smart choice especially if you have a large group or you want a particularly expensive venue.

Wedding bands and attire

Wedding bands may cost from $2,000 to $10,000, depending on the type and size of the gem. Every girl dreams of their wedding gown since childhood, and no doubt they would have poured through countless celebrity wedding dress inspirations to come up with their perfect gown. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event and hence no expenses should be spared for the dress! There are many fabulous ateliers in Singapore, but for a truly high-quality gown, they will cost a lot. The groom’s suit should match with the bride’s wedding gown and finding a good tailor who will create a stunning suit that fits the groom perfectly is important. The cost of the bride’s hair and makeup, veil, and jewelry should also be accounted for. Getting a bridal package may get you a discount, but if you want special and customised items it will be more expensive.

Wedding photography and videography

A beautiful wedding montage and photographs will last forever. This special day should be captured in a unique and beautiful way, and hence top-quality photographers and videographers should be hired.

Wedding cake and decorator

A tiered wedding cake, champagne tower, floral arches, a lavish table setting… all these elements make a beautiful and unforgettable wedding. However, cakes are notoriously expensive, and so are good decorators. You’ll be shocked by how much flowers can cost too; your wedding bouquet alone can be up to $500 if it is lavish and made of fresh flowers.


The honeymoon is no doubt the most-anticipated part of a Western wedding. For a romantic and unforgettable honeymoon complete with five-star accommodation and exciting activities, it will no doubt cost quite a bomb. Hence, loans will definitely help cover the expenses that will be incurred.

For your fairytale Western Wedding in Singapore, it will definitely take a lot of money to make your fantasy come true. Hence, QV Credit’s Western Wedding Loan in Singapore will help you ensure everything is covered, and you will have an amazing wedding with beautiful memories.

Having a wedding in Singapore is expensive, and that is why QV Credit is here to help. You deserve to have a dream wedding, and we will make it happen. Apply for a loan with us, and we will tailor a suitable plan for you. Talk to us to find out what our wedding loan packages are today! Click here for our loan application!

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