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QV Credit Personal Loan Singapore

Apply for a Personal Loan in Singapore for Fast Cash with QV Credit, a legal and licensed moneylender in Singapore now!

What is a Personal Loan?

Personal loans are loans that are applied and taken for personal use by qualifying people in Singapore. Global economic uncertainties hinder a country’s growth, which makes it harder for household owners to access easy personal loans. Banks become more stringent and it is especially difficult for people with poor credit scores access credit. All these against a backdrop of increasing financial needs and rising prices make life stressful.

Personal loans Singapore is a short-term means of financing urgent personal needs. They can be taken out from anyone, be it the lower income group or the higher income group of people. We will not be able to predict the future nor any mishaps that may happen. But sometimes, accidents such as unforeseen car repairs or hospital bills to be settled for your loved ones can arise, and it is in these situations that a personal loan can help you.

Where Do You Use a Personal Loan?

Personal loans can be secured or unsecured . For smaller amounts of cash up to a maximum of $100,000, no collateral is necessary to take out a personal loan. For amounts above that, collateral such as your car or house will be needed to secure the loans.

Personal loans cannot be taken out for investment purposes. If you plan to invest the money, look for tailored services instead. For investment cash or business loans, click here.

Where Do I Get a Personal Loan in Singapore?

Getting personal loans in Singapore is accessible for whatever financial needs you might have. If you need to pay a debt, purchase an asset, establish business or meet your daily needs, a cash loan is available. Interest rates incurred during the repayment process is another concern of many. The interest rates differ across various moneylenders and financial institutions. The repayment period is usually in instalments and likely flexible depending on the borrower’s ability to repay the loan. When looking for personal loans in Singapore, you should research on lenders offering a low-interest rate and a repayment option that is comfortable for you.

It is pertinent to take your personal loan Singapore from a legal, licensed financial provider. A licensed moneylender in Singapore offers professional services, are qualified, and are able to cater to clients with different financial situations. It is important to be able to trust your financial advisor’s expertise. There are cases where you could have applied for more money than needed. The financial expert should be able to advise you on the best loan to take any steps to follow and prevent any rollovers or unpleasant situation.

 If you are in a financial crisis, you probably also have a poor credit history and might not easily qualify to get a loan from a bank in Singapore. Personal loans from licensed moneylender are able to offer you the money to recover your creditworthiness. A good financial adviser will help plan your financial income and expenditure and offer you advice on how to manage your finances well and provide you the loan money that you require.

 QV Credit offers one of the best personal loans in Singapore. The online loan application process is easy, straight-forward, and you can get your loan money within a day.

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Personal Loan Calculator Singapore — General Eligibility

Banks commonly only offer personal loans to Singaporeans and permanent residents. If you are from overseas, you will need a valid work pass or permit in Singapore, and you can go to money lenders.

Typically in Singapore, if you are a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Residents earning less than $20,000 annual income, you are eligible to apply for up to $3,000 for Personal Loan. If your annual income is at least $20,000 and above , you can borrow up to 6 times of your monthly income. Our system will accept your AWS, bonuses received amounts to generate and justify your average monthly income on the higher side. 

However, these minimum annual income guidelines do vary between lenders and banks for personal loans, so do check with your lending institution what their conditions are. 

Who is Eligible for a Personal Loan in Singapore?

For people applying for a QV Credit Personal Loan in Singapore, applicants must be at least 21 years of age and above and have to be either, a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Citizen. If click here you are a foreigner applying for a loan.

Furthermore, as these are unsecured loans, it is extremely important for us to analyze your financial situation so that we can determine your ability to pay back the loan and come up with a suitable repayment plan that will not overburden your income. To do this, QV Credit will need a few documents (please note that this list is not exhaustive, there might be additional documents required depending on your situation or type of loan):

  • Your latest bills. (E.g. Phone bills, Broadband or Cable TV bills, Utility bills)
  • NRIC or Passport
  • The last 3 months of your most recent payslip
  • Proof of billing to your residential address (E.g. Utility bill, broadband bill, or mobile phone bill)
  • Self-employed: The most recent printout of your ACRA.
  • We also have loans available for unemployed or no-income individuals. If you are looking for personal loans for unemployed or a no-income loan, please add it into the notes of the online loan application. Click here, if you have a bad credit score.

What are the benefits of a Personal Loan in Singapore with QV Credit?

Here at QV Credit, we understand that there are many different situations that will require a loan to finance. It is most important to go to a legal and licensed moneylender in Singapore to take a personal loan to avoid future problems with repayment and hidden fees. Our team of financial advisors is always ready to provide clients with information that will help them make the right decisions.

  • Fast cash: Once come with all the necessary documents, your loan is approved and loan agreement signed, providing you the cash is speedy. You will get your money fast because we believe in efficient services.
  • Fully Confidential Services: QV Credit guarantees privacy and personal details protection and our database are fully secured.
  • Full Transparency, No Hidden Charges: QV Credit prides itself on trust and integrity, and we are transparent in our agreement with no hidden processing fees. Our loan assistant will clearly explain every payment details,terms and conditions to you so that you have the confidence to sign the loan contract. Honesty is important to both of us.
  • Customized packages: We understand financial emergencies are different and as such our loan assistant will work with you to customize your package. We will also work out a loan repayment scheme that works for you.
  • Easy loan online application and processing: The application form is online and simple so that you get your cash as fast as possible.

Our experienced team of financial advisors and loan assistance is very familiar with the financial industry to bring you top quality services. We have a high rate of return from happy clients and over 100 positive referrals. Our company is based on integrity, efficiency, and trust. We are constantly upgrading our services and packages to suit emerging financial needs. We adhere to the strictest code of ethics as set by the Moneylender Act and Rules in Singapore.

Talk to us today for one of the best personal loans in Singapore, and we will help you however we can. We are always ready for you.

What Are the Types of Personal Loans in Singapore Offered at QV Credit?

Every individual has their own unique needs and problems, and for this reason, we don’t just offer a standard personal loan package. Our team works with every client to customize a loan package that takes into account your problem, financial situation, and future so that we can determine the most comfortable plan. At QV Credit, our customers come first, and we will always provide flexible services to meet your needs.

Our personal loan products can be modified to fit any unique short-term financial needs our customers may have, and we promise to help tide you over. With our personal loan, you can meet any type of short-term financial needs. Here are some types of personal loans we offer:

Car loans for repayment

Car Loans

Fast cash loans from a money lender singapore

Fast Cash Loans

Medical bill loans from a money lender singapore

Loans for Medical Bills

We are committed to making easy personal loans in Singapore. Once the loan is approved, you will receive the money on the spot. After your online application, you just need to come down to our office, sign the loan agreement and get your fast cash. Repayment schedules will be worked out during the appointment. Keep reading for the full process of taking a personal loan in Singapore with QV Credit!

The Process of Taking a Personal Loan in Singapore with QV Credit

1. How to begin – how much do I need?

The first thing to do is to determine how much you will need to borrow. This can be calculated from the cost of the need for which you're borrowing and any other overheads, or you can make a close estimation in consultation with a knowledgeable person.

You want to borrow the right amount to make sure you don’t borrow less than you require, otherwise you’d have to find another way to raise the difference. Conversely, you also shouldn’t borrow more than you require because you might spend the extra on unnecessary things and incur even more costs.

Once you know this, you can easily find out whether you will be able to raise the full amount from a loan. If you are already in a lot of debt, you may not be able to secure the whole amount, so always keep your debt as light as possible for emergencies.

2. Preparing Your Documents

In time-sensitive emergencies, cash loans are needed fast. So in order to process your application as quickly as possible, drop us a call in advance to find out what specific documents you might need for your personal loan. Once you submit the application, you will have exactly the documents needed and ready for verification and be able to get your loan approval within minutes should everything be in order.

In order to keep your data safe and protected, QV Credit does not request you submit any personal data in the online application. Instead, wait for a call from our team for an appointment at our office to submit the required documents. This ensures your data is in our safe hands.

3. Loan Appointment

You will arrange to meet a loan assistant for an appointment in our office. This is where we will take your documents, ensure it is all in order and explain all the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. The loan assistant will also work out a comfortable repayment schedule for you. You can be assured that we will explain it all with full transparency and no hidden fees. We also promise low-interest rates for your personal loan.

Once you sign the loan agreement, the money loan will be dispensed within one day via cheque or cash, depending on the amount and method agreed upon.

As you can see, taking a personal loan with QV Credit is a fast, easy process. We believe in tiding you over difficult financial times, and hence getting cash loans from us is simple! Apply with us today through our online loan application form for one of the best personal loans in Singapore!

You can depend on QV Credit Money Lender, and be assured that we are always at your service, regardless of the need you have. If you have any questions regarding taking a personal loan with us, please drop us a call at +65 6835 7666 and we will help you get the cash you need to get through your emergency

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