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Writing articles for 7 years. Investing in stocks for more than 5 years. Most of her published works are finance related.

More about Jolene

With 7 years of experience in the marketing industry and a finance background, Jolene writes articles on tips and tricks on how to manage your finances. She has also invested smartly over the years as she felt that bank interests are too low to grow your money. Looking for finance tips? Look no further than her articles!

Author Articles

First-Time Home Buyer: Your Guide to Buying a House

Purchasing a home can be stressful, particularly if you’re a first-time buyer. But there’s no need to get worried when you have our advice. These pointers will assist you in navigating the procedure, saving money, and avoiding typical blunders. Let’s get right to the point and not waste any time.

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Alternatives for Filing Bankruptcy in Singapore

In Singapore, declaring bankruptcy can cause emotions of worry, anxiety, melancholy, and failure. Let’s face it: filing for bankruptcy is a time-consuming procedure, not to mention the social stigma that comes with it. So, before deciding to file for bankruptcy, why not investigate other more desired options while avoiding the

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Credit Counselling in Singapore: Everything You Need to Know

Credit counseling is not widely known in Singapore. When you say “credit counseling” to someone, they’re more likely to stare at you blankly. Explain that it’s about meeting with a financial counselor to talk about debt management, and they may recoil in surprise.  It’s never really too late to organize

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Rent loans without debt

Can I Pay My Rent Using a Credit Card?

With a lengthy waiting period for the completion of a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat, getting a BTO has long been in the planning for many Singaporean couples out there. However, there is still a great number of Singaporeans that choose to rent a flat. If you’re one of those who fall

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The Habits Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Should Adopt

The most successful of entrepreneurs get their inspiration from other successful people that came before them. With an attitude that prioritizes lifelong learning and being flexible enough to learn from your mistakes and adjusting your habits accordingly to help you attain your goals, the sky’s the limit. Finding a mentor

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