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About QV Credit

QV Credit is a legal, recognized and licensed money lender here in Singapore. Since 2010, we have provided an extensive range of money lending services for those in need of quick cash, with tailored loan packages for Singaporean residents, businesses and foreigners alike.

Our mission is to offer our clients fast access to emergency cash in times of financial difficulty. Our process is both convenient and hassle-free — no endless paperwork and long loan approval waiting times. Our clients are of utmost importance to us; our team will ensure your loan transactions will go through smoothly and quickly, in order to tide over the difficult times. Our repayments are flexible too — we can cater to specific remuneration dates or agreed on monthly installments.

QV Credit is a legal moneylender, monitored and licensed by the Registry of Moneylenders Singapore (Ministry of Law). Our packages and plans hence adhere to the policies and regulations set by the Moneylenders Act and Rules. You can expect fairness, convenience, transparency and quick responses from our friendly and experienced team.

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Licensed money lender in Singapore and credit loans for all situations

There are many instances in life when you might need fast cash, such as buying a new car, paying for your upcoming wedding, going overseas to study, or paying off hefty medical bills.

Given how expensive it is to live in Singapore, it is completely understandable that you will not have enough money on hand to pay for certain things. Many banks have a lengthy and complicated approval process with many terms and conditions. Worse, you might not even be awarded the loan contract after all that!

QV Credit is here to change that. We ensure that you don’t waste any time when getting your loan. Furthermore, we are licensed by the government. It is very important to take loans from a licensed money lender as they are bound by legal rules. Be it a personal loan or business loan for Singapore citizens and permanent residents or foreigners, we make getting a cash loan hassle-free.

Cash disbursed instantly upon approval

Approval within 30 minutes

Here at QV Credit, we also take great pride in ensuring our customers are

100% satisfied. So we do not have any hidden fees and interest charges; we are completely transparent and ensure you fully understand any terms and conditions that come with the package before you sign the loan contract.

Why Choose QV Credit?

Easy Money Lenders Application

With a simple application form, you can immediately apply for a loan with us! No interviews and scheduling of appointments needed. Unlike traditional banks we only require proof of personal id documents.

Best Loan Approval within an Hour

You will receive approval of your application loan online within an hour. No more waiting for weeks of approval. Just fill out the loan application form here for a quick turn around.

Legal Money

There are many unlicensed money lenders such as loan sharks that take advantage of borrowers with ridiculously high-interest rates. It's crucial you only borrow from licensed money lenders recognised by various government agencies and the Ministry of Law.

Low Interest Rates in Singapore

Rest assured you can get past your financial difficulties because we offer the most affordable interest rates. You may contact one of our loan officers to get a quote and expect reasonable interest rates.

Best licensed moneylender in Singapore since 2010

Loans served daily
Happy customers
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Money Loans Offered In Singapore

We offer a range of different loan types based on your needs. It doesn’t matter if you have a bad credit history, or low-income, whether you are looking to fund a wedding or get the money to further studies overseas, QV Credit has a loan package perfect for you!

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Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions that we get from most of our clients. Do take some time browsing through and we hope you may find the answers you are looking for!

A licensed money lender in Singapore is here for you when you are in financial distress and have no one to turn to.

At QV Credit, we understand that it can be frightening to be in your situation. We also know it can be confusing with so many things to worry about.

That's why we want to make getting fast cash easy for you.

When you apply for a loan at a licensed money lender like us, we'll hand-hold you through the entire application process because we put the needs of our clients first, we always approve money loans in a matter of minutes.

Although we assess your basic documents just for regulatory purposes, we don't have strict checks on credit history.

Finally, we always structure a flexible repayment schedule to make loan borrowing accessible, affordable and hassle free.

Legal money lenders in Singapore also adhere to regulations set by the Ministry of Law. On the other hand, an unlicensed money lender is not bound by the moneylenders act and rules so they will likely impose a very high interest rate. In fact, it is illegal to even borrow from them!

What are you using the loan for and is it necessary to take out a loan?

We always encourage our clients to spend within your means. But if you have an existing, high interest debt to pay off or have urgent bills to pay, using a loan from a licensed money lender in Singapore as a form of debt consolidation would make sense.

Next, consider your ability to repay the principal loan amount and its interest payment. Do you have any other financing solutions? As much as a loan is meant to help tide you through your financial difficulty, it still needs to be repaid at some point.

If you've determined that you can handle that, here are some other considerations:

  1. Are you borrowing from a bank (and do you qualify) or are you borrowing from a moneylender (and are they a licensed and legal money lender recognised by the Registry of Moneylenders)
  2. What type of loan are you looking for
  3. What is the loan amount you require
  4. What is the interest rate (remember to calculate the EIR too)
  5. What is the loan tenure and what are the loan terms
  6. Remember to include payment fees into your calculation (and factor in late fee or late interest charges if you feel you might be unable to repay the loan on time)
Licensed money lenders in Singapore are bound by consumer protection rules and MAS regulations. Here are some basic cash loan requirements they have to adhere to. Secured Loan:
  • No Restriction to any amounts
Unsecured Loan:
  • If your annual income is less than S$20,000 : Up to S$3,000
  • If your annual income is at least S$20,000 and more, in addition to AWS and Bonuses : Up to 6X of your monthly income
Business Loan
  • Business owners are eligible to take up a small business loan of any size between $10,000 to $300,000. The right amount depends on your business needs and the size of your company in Singapore.
Feel free to fill out our online loan application and head down to our office so we can assess the maximum amount loan amount we can disburse for your specific case.
In order to take out a loan from any licensed money lender, you have to fulfil these requirements stated below:
  1. A Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident of Singapore
  2. At least the age of 21 and above
  3. Must not be declared undischarged bankrupt nor any bankruptcy that is ongoing
  4. Permanently employed contributing monthly CPF
  5. Foreigners and Expats must have a Valid Work Permit or Valid Passport
  6. Self-Employed to have their Income Tax Assessment, ACRA, or Vocational License
QV Credit will need some documents to be submitted for verification purposes. Singapore Citizen / Permanent Resident:
  • Copy of NRIC (front and back) OR
  • Copy of Passport (for Singapore Permanent Residents)
Proof of residence using any of the following documents:
  • Latest Utility bills (electricity, water, refuse collection), rates or tax bills
  • Latest Bank or Credit Card statements (including e-statement)
  • Copy of Rental Agreements showing your address
  • Latest Mobile phone statements / pay TV statements
  • Letter from Employer stating current address
  • Government issued documents stating address (e.g. IRAS, CPF, ICA)
  • Income documents
  • Copy of latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment (2 years for Self-employed); or
  • Copy of latest 1 month computerised payslip from current employer; or
  • Copy of latest 12 month CPF Contribution Statement
Moreover, according to IPTO’s regulation, all successful personal loan applications require the applicant to collect the loaned amount in cash from the licensed moneylender’s office. This is so to ensure that all paperwork required for the loan application is legal and binding between both parties.

Interest rates moneylenders charge are typically slightly higher than banks, mainly because they take the risk of money lending without any collateral (which is better for customers).

Nevertheless, as a premier licensed money lender must abide by the standards and policies set by the Ministry of Law in Singapore, you can count on the competitive interest rate options they offer. These rates are reasonable since there is a maximum interest rate moneylenders can apply on a borrower's income.

So, you can be guaranteed that you will only need to repay a fair amount of money once the term of your loan is over. In the same way, there are many flexible repayment plans available. You can also check with the moneylender what their payment terms are, so you will be able to foresee the cost you need to pay at the end of the period of your loan.

As mentioned above, these items should be stated in the loan contract, and do make it a point to review the details carefully to avoid any problems in the long run with regard to legal circumstances.

*Note: There are additional late interest charges that a licensed money lender can charge for late repayment if a borrower fails to pay on time.

With effect from 1 October 2015, licensed moneylenders are only permitted to impose the following charges and expenses:
  • late repayment fees not exceeding $60 for each late month;
  • a fee not exceeding 10% of the granted principal loan disbursed; and
  • legal costs ordered by the court for a successful claim by the moneylender for the recovery of the loan.

Yes it is possible, but we cannot guarantee you will be awarded an extension. Extensions and Refinancing will need to be done through QV Credit.

Just call our hotline and our loan assistants will guide you through the process. We will then follow up with you on information about approval, cancellations, your future payment plan, and the possibility of extensions.

It's important that you contact us early to discuss your needs. If not, late payment fees will be applicable.

There are many money lenders available in Singapore. So when choosing one for your financial concerns, it is important that you deal with one offering a reliable level of service and is flexible with your requirements.

Most importantly is checking the background of money lenders so you can avoid a loan shark or unlicensed moneylenders. Let's be honest, not every lender can meet your standards and requirements. There are now some moneylenders known for their false and misleading advertising while others are notorious for their malpractice.

Here's what you can do:

  1. Search for the list of licensed moneylenders in Singapore.
  2. Check out their website and see what they have to offer.
  3. Speak to the loan assistants over the phone. Good customer support is a great indicator!
  4. Feel free to enquire about the interest rate moneylenders offer.

After you've decided on a moneylender and you are approved of a loan, you will need to request for a contract that indicates information about the principal amount, interest rates, penalties, and schedule of payment.

The language used in the contract must be one that you can understand, so there will be no confusion or uncertainty as you read it. Make a copy of the loan contract and keep it to avoid any possible disputes.

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