Why Earning Money Is A Challenge?

It is always fun to make money. The more moola you make each month, the more comfortable your life gets. Right?

Well, the answer can be a yes and a no. Of course, you have plenty of resources to cover up your expenses if you are making good money each month. This eliminates the fear of not having enough or struggling financially. You can even live a life of luxury if you have a lot of money and buy things you need and want. Hence, it can contribute to your overall health since you are able to eat quality food, not lose sleep over having to work for hours or make payments for your debts, plus you get to have more time to relax and maybe go on a vacation.

But then again, some people have issues with making money because they are afraid they might lose their values. There are those who change their way of thinking once they internalize the fact that they are notches above the average person in Singapore. Soon enough, they tend to boast, become vain and egotistic, and forget all about where they came from. These are things that sometimes scare people from wanting to grow their finances because they do not want to be someone whom they are not because of money. Maybe turning to a licensed moneylender could be a source of helpline whenever you are in need of instant credit such as personal loan. 

Reality check – it’s not money’s fault at all. If you let money control you, then that is where the problem starts. Otherwise, you should work on making money for your personal and financial security since we are living in a material world.

Difficulty Dealing with Money – Common Reasons to Look Into

1. “I’m never good enough.”

Although you want to make good money, you may feel incompetent and not skilled enough to achieve your goal. The destructive mental dialogue that goes on in people’s head can be very damaging since this limits their capacities and cause them to just stay where they are. As a consequence, this can impact their financial situation and economic status. With the increasing cost of living in Singapore, staying stuck in a low-paying job can be very stressful. If you are the breadwinner of the family, got several mouths to feed, yet the income remains quite minimal, then you are up for a very tough situation – and it’s all because you are going with the false notion of your abilities and potentials.

Right this very moment, do your best to put an end to such negative image of yourself. You have every capacity within you to succeed, and all you need is to internalize that truth. Be confident about yourself and stop believing those lies that only put your down.

2. Money is evil?

There is the saying we have heard so many times in the past about money being the root of all evil. But then, is it really true? Is money THAT bad?

Yes, it is quite common for the media to portray money as the source of problem in today’s society whether it is an armed robbery, kidnapping, hostages, and so many other criminal acts. Then, there are issues with politicians being corrupt and stealing the people’s money. This is why the average person tends to internalize the concept that perhaps, money is indeed evil. You see, there is no ounce of truth to this saying at all. Money, as it is, is not a bad thing. It is what we need to pay for our basic needs, and we rely on money to live a comfortable life. You should have some cash to send your children to school, pay your mortgages, and experience a more relaxing life during retirement. So, no, money is not evil at all.

It could be this negative concept of money that stop people from having a nice salary to bring home each month. Or it is also possible that they settle for the minimum because they are afraid of losing their values because of money. But this is not the way to go about it at all. Money is a necessity in this practical world, but be sure never to let it run your life or change your values. Use money, not worship it – and you’ll do perfectly fine.

3. Fears of your finances

It is also typical for people to have some kind of fears and anxieties about their finances. These psychological woes cause them to have a negative idea about money, and they get even more stressed along the way. If you find yourself going through this issue, then it is smart to identify those fears that eat you up. By knowing what it is about money that you are afraid of, then you can tackle the situation better. You just need to face it head on and come up with a plan of action to overcome these.

4. Risks and competitions may make you anxious about money

You want to grow money, but at the same time, you have fears of placing it in an investment tool that may cause you to lose more than you gain. This can be a very difficult thing to deal with, and even traumatic for some people. So, you settle for the lowest-earning bank savings account that you think is safe and secure to go with.

But you have to realize the fact that you do not have to blindly place your money on something risky. There is no one telling you to put all you’ve got on a stock that has all the red flags leading to a massive loss in income. This is why it is important to do your homework and consult professionals and experts who have been in the investing world for a long time now. Going for high risk investments with massive returns can be tempting, yet very delicate and nerve-racking for an inexperienced investor at the same time.

The idea here is to put your money where you feel it is secure, for the most part, with some gains along the way. Then, educate yourself extensively about investing if you think you want to boost your knowledge and skills in this aspect.

Additional Tips to Consider

More than anything, try not to focus on making money alone. If you have a high-paying job, yet you do not find meaning in what you do, the whole thing is pointless. There has to be a strong motivation pushing you towards the desire to work and make money instead of just living each day not realizing your truest goals or inspiration. This goes without saying that you should always love what you do. In addition to making money, if you are genuinely happy with your job, then the whole experience turns out more like a fun activity. In the end, you can say to yourself that you don’t work, but you merely play. This is a nice thing to think about as it also gives you a positive outlook towards money. It will also be nice if you could spend time contributing your money to charity and giving back to the society. This may be as simple as sharing a percentage of your income to the less privileged individuals in your neighborhood and being the reason for someone to smile and be grateful for your kindness. Money is not at all a bad thing if it can help support one’s needs. There are numerous institutions out there that help address the needs of struggling people in the world, whether these are orphanages, nursing homes, and similar places.

Lastly, do your best to manage your money instead of letting it control you. Have some savings in the bank, spend a little of your money for things and experiences that are worthwhile, and you will never have to feel miserable about your finances anymore.


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